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              1. Welcome to Anhui KERONE Instrument Co. Ltd., 中文 |  English      Set home | Add to Favorites

                安徽克羅尼儀表有限公司 0550-2392658
                Anhui KROHNE meters Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful bank of Huaihe River Tianchang City Copper Town Industrial Park, the geographical position is superior, convenient transportation one-stop service. Anhui KROHNE meters Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech limited liability company, the company is committed to temperature gauges, pressure gauges, liquid level instrument design, development and production. Is the State Economic and Trade Commission, the general company of Sinopec recommended the use of the instrument and meter sentinel production enterprises. The company's main products are: thermocouple temperature meter, thermal resistance, double metal thermometer (high tempera...
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                Copyright Anhui KERONE Instrument Co. Ltd. Record number:皖0034-01號  皖公網安備34118102000302號

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